Mr. Brainwash Box

Mr. Brainwash Box
AED 195,00 42 pièces
  • 2 Salmon Sushi
  • 2 Salmon Teriyaki Sushi
  • 2 Yellowtail Miso Yuzu Sushi
  • 6 Avocado Cheese Spring
  • 6 Cooked Tuna Avocado Spring
  • 6 Pacific Rolls
  • 6 Salmon Roll Maki
  • 6 Sunny Salmon Roll
  • 6 Thaï Maki

SushiArt has given Mr Brainwash free rein to create a new Limited Edition box! Mr Brainwash is famous for his explosive, colorful style. He loves to shake up the art world by merging iconic images with his trademark street meets pop style. Thanks to his creative flair, you can now enjoy delicious sushi with an Italian Renaissance twist... and the Mona Lisa is proving to be its biggest fan!

Additifs :


  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Avocado
  • Cheese

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